Bound Together: Leather, Archives, Contemporary Art [manuscript under review, Manchester University Press]


In Praise of Blatant Images

"All things end: lives, relationships, periodicals, chapters. The secret is that these endings are always buried within the middle. The ovulars and editorial collectives of The Blatant Image experienced endings and departures on a near-constant basis [...] Importantly, these struggles are almost always acknowledged overtly in the publication of The Blatant Image, suggesting that processing hurt, tribulation and damage are part and parcel of a self-aware feminist politics, and not simply eyeroll-inducing dyke drama. Indeed, coalitional consensus-based practice runs alongside explosive division; collectivity is managed and only made meaningful through its eventual dissipation. Thus collectivity is remade anew in each moment, taking stock of the changing social and affective landscape as it goes along. This is the companion to the warm feeling of togetherness often cited as collectivity’s greatest effect."